Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Annual Victoria Visit.

Oh blessed Victoria, how I love thee.

Even though Victoria was not at all on the way from Klamath Falls to St. Cloud, we HAD to make a stop.

Moving day was a bit of a disaster but I'll spare the drama and just say that our hired movers were sub par and the moving company formally apologized, repaired our car they damaged and gifted us a visa gift card. Thank goodness we had amazing friends who rallied around us and helped all day and late into the evening.

Last girls night out in Klamath

This picture was just before we left on our journey. It was about 10:30 pm and we were exhausted. Since there was nothing left in our house and we were anxious to get on the road, we did. Our goal was to make it to at least Eugene but after running into late night road construction we somehow thought it was better to drive through the night than unload everyone and sleep for about four hours and then try to catch the ferry. We drove through the night and made it to almost Seattle as the sun was rising. Ugh.

It was all worth how tired we were once we made it to the ferry. Must be getting old but all nighters aren't as easy as they used to be!

My kids love the ferry

This was one of the few trips back to Victoria that I've been able to spend time with Sylvia and the fist time I got to meet her boy, Dirk. 

It was a great trip (although very short) filled with wonderful people that I don't get to see very often. 

I also thought it would be a good idea to get family photos taken-- this was not a good idea.
My kids were exhausted and cranky and starting to get a cold (which I din't know until the next day when we started our drive across the country)

Also, when taking family photos it might be better to not rely on what you packed in a little suit case.
But really, whatever.

Due to a car running over my cellphone incident in Atlanta Georgia, I don't have any of the pictures that we took on the road.


Best. Halloween. Ever.

Can I talk about Halloween in January?

I have had a rocky relationship with Halloween in the past. It is just not fun unless you put in effort.  I usually view Halloween as the gateway drug to Christmas.  Then I moved to the states and they have thanksgiving so late that it just messed up my normal routine of Christmas cheer.
But I'm over it.
Kind of.

This year we dressed up as Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin from Parks and Recreation.

Im going to say that no one knew who we were and just assumed that I was a flapper and Matt was an FBI agent.

Janet Snakehole-- a very wealthy widow with a terrible secret

Matt killed it as Burt Macklin/ Chris Pratt

Finding an FBI costume jacket was pretty impossible (last minute on amazon) So I pulled out my felt stash and made my own. I love felt.

This was the fist year that William actually had an opinion on his costume. He wanted to be a race car. Since I felt like constructing a cardboard race car would take too much time and probably end up looking NOTHING like a race car, we settled on a race car driver. Maybe we've been subject to Florida's NASCAR scene for too long already.

Paul got the spiderman costume that William has worn the last two years. It was the first year that they were both so excited and their excitement definitely rubbed off on me.


Paul kept touching his chest and saying "SPIDER!"

Candy wasted!

This was at our ward Halloween party and on the actually day, Matt took me to see TAYLOR SWIFT!

Matt totally surprised me and when he told me about the tickets I just started crying. At first he thought he'd done something wrong but I just couldn't contain my excitement and burst into tears. Then I couldn't stop laughing at my own reaction and, well, I was just a lot of emotions.

The car ride there looked a little like this. #noshame

During this time I was desperately trying to win an online lip sync contest for a Sonnet James dress and Matt and I discovered a hidden talent. We did not win but found a new at-home date night activity.

We had horrible seats and the best time.

The concert was in Tampa and so we stayed at my parents condo that night and they babysat the boys at home. We slept in and went out for breakfast the next morning.
Best. Halloween. Ever.

Shout out to the best husband who would have rather gone to a much more manly concert but knew I would love it. He's the best sport. 

We (I) Love you Tay Tay

William is Four!

William and I are very similar--outspoken, self-seeking and opportunistic. If you ever want to see your weaknesses highlighted, have children. These traits make it hard when trying to use them on one another. With our house on the market and trying to keep it extremely clean, finishing up my summer classes/finals and moving house, we sure became impatient with one another. Then we took a road trip across the country (plus some) to our new home. Everyone in that car developed a cold from lack of sleep, poor nutrition (love to hate McDonalds on road trips with children) and stress. September was a mess!

By the time October started we were in our new home trying to discover our new normal. William started Soccer and Pre-School, made new friends, got back on a schedule and we loved each other again.

William is a party wherever he goes. He has the amazing ability to meet people and be instant friends. He literally walks in to a new situation saying, "Hi friends! lets play!" I really hope he keeps his excitement for life and ability to adapt to new situations without reservations.

Despite being selfish and viewing situations on scales of personal benefits, William has the biggest heart. He is aware of others feelings and will usually help someone when their down. Unless it's his brother and then sometimes he'll kick him while he's down and then console him.

Ever day in October I was woken up to these demands
"Good morning mom, can I snuggle you?"
"Can you make hootnannies and bacon?"
"Can we go to the beach today?"
"Can we go to nanny and grandad's house in Florida?"

As a result we went to the beach at least once a week and I went through about 20 dozen eggs.

By the time William's birthday came around (29th) I knew exactly what he wanted to do that day.

A green cake
Nanny and Grandad

William fully embraced the birthday week filled with care packages form aunt Lindsay of green bow ties and Canadian chocolate.

Grandma and Grandpa Vickery sent William some cash to go shopping and you would have thought they sent one million dollars based on his excitement level. He insisted on holding his cash in hand the entire time we were in target.  "I get to pick whatever I want because it's my birthday from grandma." While the concept of the amount he had was hard to grasp-- he picked out a bike, scooter, remote control monster trucks and a massive car transporter... somehow we finally narrowed our search down and he chose a Lightning McQueen car and helicopter.

His actual big day when a little like this.

Aunt Lindsay sent us a teepee as a thoughtful attempt to stop my boys from ripping off all the couch pillows and piling blankets to make forts. This has not been the outcome not but now the teepee is included in all the madness.

The teepee was a hit. It is the most favored hide-and-seek hiding location and runs a 98% probability that William, Paul or both are hiding inside. If there's any question you can just refer to the yelling, "I'm in the teepee, come find me!"

Birthday breakfasts have candles. Every year on their birthday I make a pancake in the shape of the number they're turning. I love traditions, especially ones that don't take much planning or effort. This year I had some left over whipping cream from Will's cake so we made chocolate whip cream to cover the pancake, which melted and mostly covered the four. He was elated.

After our nutritious breakfast we were off to the white sand.

Where we stayed until it was time for McDonald's or "Old McDonald's" to William. The things we subject ourselves to for our children!

After lunch we came home for a nap, because my four year old still naps. Hate me all you want because you're right, it is awesome.

When he woke up Nanny and Grandad had arrived

and so did this...

It turned into quite the haul on a birthday. I asked my dad why he bought William one of these when he never got one for me as a kid. He claims that he doesn't remember me asking for one. Just for the record, who didn't want a Barbie Jeep? amiright ??!!

Because my Dad ( David William 64) and William (4)  have close birthdays (Nov 2 and Oct 29) we always celebrate the William's together.

William requested a "green cake" so I made the most delicious chocolate mint cake in the world! recipe credit: bon appetit and Michelle Davis for introducing it to me. I am serious when I say this is the most amazing cake ever.

Cake is a big deal around here

While the Williams played with the 4 wheeler all day, Paul and Nanny cuddled.

Matt and I had purchased a bike for William but we ended up giving it to him a few days later because he couldn't register anything besides the 4 wheeler.

By the end of the day I decided that I wanted to turn 4, it looked like way too much fun.

An interview with a four-year-old William:

What's your favorite color? "Red."
What's your favorite food? "Hoonannies and bacon and cherrios and hot dogs and I like ice cream and cake."
What's your favorite thing to play? "uh blocks and balloons"
What your favorite thing to do " I like to clean up." (no he doesn't)
Who's your best friend? "John and William Eckholdt"
What's your favorite thing ever? "I like to read books, hey Momma can you read this to me now?"
Whats your favorite thing about Florida? "The beach and the park"
What's your favorite country, "uh Canada and Washington"
What was your favorite part of your birthday, "the balloons and 4wheeler--I love my 4wheeler"

"Hey mom, I don't want too much talk because I'm tired and need to have a nap, could you read this book quickly?"