Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Friday, January 27, 2012

William's Classified

***Single white male looking for play date***

3 Months old, 25 inches and approx 13 pounds (on a good day.) Blue eyes, blond/ bald hair with an athletic build. I would describe my style as old man chic with a touch of nautical flare. I am mostly looking for someone to lye around with and watch me hit my stomach like a gorilla- my main past time. I am also up for walks, car rides, shopping or watching t.v. My favorite show is Ellen. I secretly watch it everyday while mom is making dinner and I fake playing with my toys . My favorite music would have to be, Cold Play or sounds of the womb- both very relaxing. Possible candidates must be comfortable with over active salivary glands and extreme flatulence which, on the rare occasion, may result in pooh all over you, me or both.  Keep in mind that in a 24 hour period I am asleep for 18 so please coordinate with my mom. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I love watching this little guy happily playing with his toys.

He has gotten pretty good at holding on.

But once anything is in his grasp...

Straight to his mouth it goes.


I guess all that saliva makes it hard to hold on to because it is quickly chucked across the room.

Pretty typical right. 

But, then I started to feel tugging on my pants...

and sure enough

The theory holds.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

How else?

Just before dinner Matt and I were playing with William. He was lying on his back flapping his arms and legs like crazy. He has grabbed a few of his toys and moved them in his hands recently and I wanted Matt to witness it. William did not disappoint. He grabbed his rattle off the ground and shook it. While it was not the most coordinated of movements, it looked pretty intentional. As I smiled even bigger and got excited he seemed to do the same. It got me to wondering if he was just reacting to my excitement or if he knew his mother was cheering him on. 

There is just something about this little boys face that makes me want to believe he catches and understands more then he leads on. How else would he know the precise moment to spit up ALL OVER new clean cloths when I sit him up.... or as we are leaving out the door for church? How else would he have the timing just right to poop seconds after I change his diaper? How else would he know to make a funny face just as the flash goes off?

Babies.... They get away with everything.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bed Time

Probably William's cutest hour is night time stories before bed. First, we wake him up from his nap and a few grunts later.... strange body contortions.... and unbelievable gas releases... he remembers he is in fact ravenous. Somewhere between 5-8 ounces later he enters the state we've termed, "love drunk"

"love drunk"
 This will last until he decides to spit up. One, two, seven spit ups later he is ready to read.
Reading is also naked time (William only) because you never know if he has eight left in him. This is now the hour of giggles, funny faces and photo shoots.

"Where's Spot?" Spoiler alert- he's in the basket. Every time.

Yet this crazy mysterious adventure still captivates.

I'd make that face too if I just found a crocodile under the bed.

After story time there are a few extra burps, for good measure.

And then off to bed.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

William's first Mob

William may or may not have recently joined the Mafia. The only proof I have is this picture.

When I asked him, all he could do was pretended he didn't speak english and look at me like this.

So for now it remains a mystery

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

William's favorite things

I thought I better write a few things before I forget. It seems my days are turning into one giant mess of laughter, smiles, frustration, and fun... and my memory is just turning into a giant mess. 
William is a great baby and I love being his mother but that doesn't mean its not hard. There are times when I wonder if I am truly cut out for this mother stuff and times when my little guy cries for longer then I'd like. He is a baby and I have found that despite my consistent effort or our routine, Will likes to keep me on my toes and switch things up every now and again. I have heard that he is not alone in this effort, in fact most babies find this to be a very enjoyable way to spend their early months :)

Truly he is a joy to us and I can't help but get excited at each little (even miniscule) land mark he reaches. 
Here are just a few things the "little man" has been up to. 

Sleeping. He is learning to master this task and give his tired parents a break. I am SO SO grateful for this. I learned early on that I am a MUCH better mother when I am not tired. Maybe he figured that out  too. He loves being swaddled although the act of being swaddled is mostly an annoyance and interruption to play time.  The swaddle doesn't last long though. By the time we go to wake him he has completely escaped or allowed the swaddle to cover his face. Both sleep positions are very desirable... I guess. 

I can't say I enjoy him sleeping like this. The first time I encountered it I though he was suffocating and nearly passed out myself. He loves it though and will nestle himself right under. He seems to sleep sounder when he does so I have decided to take a "chill pill" over this one.

William has rolled over. Seemed a little soon to us but on his 2 month apt he rolled over on the doctors table and then showed off his skills at home for the following few days. I did not capture photographic evidence of this monumental moment but it did happen. He has since stopped this rolling over business and prefers the safety of looking around with his head. I think honestly the momentum frightened him. He usually needed consoling afterwards... or maybe we startled him with our squeals of excitement... either way. 

I use this ball to "entice" him to roll. He really could care less.

Books, books and more BOOKS. William has taken a liking to all things literary. His favorite books are, "Where's Spot" "Mr Brown can moo, can you?" and "Are you my mother?"
These books come with a smile and giggle guarantee.

I am thrilled with his love for books. It is mostly selfish because I love reading children's books! They are my favorite.

He has started to "talk" all the time. Continually making little noises which is completely adorable to me. He is really starting to show some personality. Along with his continuous baby talk he does not stop moving. He is NEVER still, I have yet to witness it anyway. Have you ever tried to lie on your back and move your arms and feet up and down for 30 minutes? Because that is a workout! This is probably why he chugs back the milk. At night he will down almost 7 ounces.

He feeds himself... so advanced!

Just kidding, but he likes to think he does.

When the milk can't seem to cut it until the next feeding his hands are still the snack of choice. No longer is one enough to satisfy.

Go big or go home I guess.

Also a newer development is his nightly party before bed. We feed him 7:30 and allow him to play before putting him to sleep. Then at 10:30 we wake him up to eat some more before putting him to sleep again. We don't do any play time at this feeding and only read a few books before placing him in his crib for the night. He then decides to party for the next 20 minutes. We hear squirming, coos and squeaks until he decides to fall asleep. We recently learned that we are not invited to this party. If we try to sneak a peak he gives us the most astonished look. How could we really have the audacity to show up to his private party! and then he cries. So like proper rejects we sometimes stand outside his door and giggle at the sounds he makes.

Matt and I really enjoying pulling pranks and scaring each other... all in good fun. Often times one of us will creep around the corner to startle the other. William decided to get in on the action and scared his dad pretty good while exiting the bathroom. bah ha ha ha

It's been great having Matt home over the holidays! I am soaking it up because this is the last week and so is William.

After all, dad's play different.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The girl who loved a cow

If you were to ask me what my favorite animal is, I would say Giraffe. Call me crazy but somehow I feel I relate to them...

Shout out to Andrea Carrier for my Giraffe mug. Matt laughs at me every time I insist on using it. I think it speaks for its self. 

This bond is probably the same reason why I have ALWAYS wanted a great dane.

But this post is not about giraffes or dogs- it's about cows....

There's a Simpsons episode where Lisa is trying to turn Homer into a vegetation. Homer asks, "Are you saying you're never going to eat ANY animal EVER again! What about bacon?" "NO!" "ham?" "NO!" "pork chops?" "Dad, those all come from the same animal!" "Yeah right Lisa... a wonderful magical animal"

 What made me think of this? Well when I realized what a wonderful magical creature the cow is. 

Ok so farm girl I am NOT!

Yes, I am screaming and wearing flip flops with a summer dress in a pig pen... wouldn't you?

But I discovered over Christmas dinner (prime rib) that Cows make so many of my favorite things:

Ice cream
Prime Rib

and especially the leather on my new christmas boots.
YES, I love Cows very much