Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Saturday, February 2, 2013

How the seniors (and us) do Christmas

A Florida-Westbrook Christmas

It has been a long time since I've had a Westbrook Christmas and 2012 marked a first for both, William and Matthew. We were SO excited... EXCEPT... How was I to get a 14 month old to corporate on a plane for 6 hours? I googled, blog surfed, stressed, quiet-booked, purchased new books and toys, but the main saving grace was Matt's Macbook and  Baby Einstein DVD's. How I love Baby Einstein and the fact that William quietly watched them for at least 3 hours. Despite only sleeping 20 minutes of his regular 3 hour nap, we made it and without a total melt down.

On the shuttle to the airport he found a Snickers bar... I took it away once I realized he had bitten a hole right through the rapper.

Proof that William was on a plane. Also proof that we were supposed to refer to our son as a "Non-ticketed lap child"

 Myself, Matt and Lapchild, with his most favorite Christmas gift- Thomas the Train electric tooth brush.

Because he's always trying to steal ours,

Good, little Lap Child.

When my Dad decided to follow through with his plan dream of early retirement, I was a little concerned. But then I realized, he wasn't really planning on retiring, he signed up to party. Since Christmasing in this "Retirement community" I have been plotting ways to pass for 55, myself.
We golfed, swam, played pool, baseball, and yoga'd with the seniors. A highlight for myself was having a yoga instructor who was over 75. I'm pretty confident in my yoga basics but let me tell you, In this class, I was champion for sure!

William was spoiled beyond belief!

He could pretty much count on a new set of loving arms at every turn. 
There were new toys

New parks

New BFF's

New hobbies 

New schedules 

and a new satisfaction in nudity.

William and Jeff really were BFF's. William was entertained by Jeffery's retrieval and jumping skills. Jeff enjoyed the snacks William would share and sneaking kisses.

It was a wonderful time and we are so glad we went. An added perk was having live in babysitters who wanted to babysit.

Matt and I were able to see Les Miserables and ring in the new year riding roller coasters at Busch Gardens with the Binghams

I. Love. Roller. Coasters.

Oh, and I love the beach.

Thi Chi?

Who forgets to bring their child's swim suit to the beach.