Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Can you really blame me? Thats just funny.

Before we moved to Eugene we had free cable.  Matt and I would watch a few shows together like, "Fatal Attractions" on animal planet or "Seinfeld," mostly we would watch movies together. BUT Sundays were different, Sundays meant it was time to watch "America's Funniest Home Videos!" and I would look forward to this all day. You may place judgements on our shows of choice but if we didn't watch them then we wouldn't have seen this little nugget of gold.

and I wouldn't have been inspired to do this... 

And you wouldn't have seen Matt do that outside the Law building in front of all his new friends.

So your welcome for watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" and don't judge me like that ever again.

Bah ha ha! Disclaimer- Matt is aware that I posted this, he is such a good sport. I love him for so many reasons but one of them is, I know this will be happening to me soon too. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Celebrating the sugar in my life.

Fact: I love food. I have always loved it and I always will. There is a special place in my heart where I embrace my love of sugar and anything sweet. I get excited about going out to dinner based on the desert menu. I have even calculated how much of the dinner I actually finish so that when the waiter comes by and asks, "Do we have room for desert?" I can confidently reply, "Yes." I mean how can you say no when they smell and look so enticing.

So when I went to my Dr and he told me that I needed to take the routine pregnancy "sugar test" I thought this sounds like fun. Then his nurse explained the details. First I was to eat a well balanced breakfast and then wait 4 hours. 4 HOURS! Asking me not pregnant to wait 4 hours before I eat something is torture. Now I eat every 1.5/2 hours. So after waiting the extremely long 4 hours and feeling the beginning signs of starvation, I was prepared to ingest a highly concentrated amount of sugar. Cookies? Cake? Chocolate? Ice Cream?   NOPE.....
Yum doesn't that look tasty. The best part, you have to drink it in less the 5 mins! So pretty much you are encouraged to chug down a nasty drink that tastes like a mixture of cough syrup and flat extra sweet sprite.

This sugar test was as much of a disappointment as when my mother told me she had added a chocolate "substitute" to her banana chocolate chip bread recipe. Also for the record, carob chips taste nothing like chocolate. Just because it is brown and they can mold it in to chip like shapes does not make something as complex and lovely as chocolate.  The people who chose to market it as a "substitute" should be fired.
 (I love you mom but you know how I feel about Carob)

Now after finishing this drink,  I feel like I just ate an entire chocolate cake by myself but with a horrible twist ... I don't have the satisfaction of eating chocolate cake.

And for the poison cherry on top of this carob cake ... I now get my blood drawn.

Sugar test 1    Emma 0

Friday, August 26, 2011

Eugene's initial impressions.

I plan to begin this blog with a few confessions...
Confession one-  I have no clue how to blog.
Confession two-  I have thought about starting a blog for 2 years but was scared of the commitment.
Confession three- I am never good at keeping up a journal, never

With that off my back I think I can begin. However, I still feel like I am on a first date and have to explain myself in the awkward get-to-know-me-explanations.  I am Emma.. slightly spastic, defiantly sarcastic, lover of shoes, boots and sweaters, cheese cake, chocolate and Mc Donald's french fries.  I am a dental assistant and will look at your teeth when I first meet you but will not judge your personal hygiene unless you smell. I am Canadian and now that I am living in America I feel the need to shout it out loud and incorporate the maple leaf in my day to day jargon and attire.  I am married to Matthew who is the most lovely person I know.  He is in his 1st week of law school at The University Of Oregon and already has read and studied more then I have ever seen him do before.  We are getting adjusted to our new address as we have quickly found out Eugene is much different then our former residence, Provo UT

Here are a few of my first thoughts and impressions of Eugene and Oregon in general.

1. Eugene has bugs, BIG ones, everywhere. Matt has killed three cockroaches, 4 spiders and a few of these weird things,

I have supported him by screaming and pointing in the beasts general location.

2. There is no AC in any Eugene apartments. Which is great because it means that the temperature is never as blooming hot as it was in provo. However, when you are pregnant like myself and your core temperature is one million this is a MAJOR problem.  My new best friend is the fan Matt bought me last night. Sometimes I walk by it and say, "I love you fan." He hasn't replied back but I know its mutual.

3. There is no sales tax. Yes none! So last night when Matt and I went to Walmart to buy the fan and we walked into Mc Donalds first to get two soft serve cones for one dollar, the lady just asked for one dollar. She didn't ask for a dollar and seven cents, stopping us from having to carry a dime AND a dollar bill and we didn't get change back of three cents which would be stupid and we would never use it, ever.

4. You don't have to pump your own gas! In fact its illegal. This will be great on days when its cold or raining and I can stay in the warmth and comfort of my own car. This law has proven to be hard for Matt to always remember and as a result I have seen more gas attendants sprint to our car out of breath before Matt picks up the gas handle.  Glad we still have Utah plates or that would be embarrassing. Over all I support it because Oregon is providing a place for people like Mark Dent to flourish.

Meet Mark Dent, our mild mannered gas station attendant. Mark is a hard working fella. He makes sure our company car, a vintage 1993 green ford escort wagon is always running in tip top shape. He can change the oil faster than you can eat a donut, change wipper blades faster than you can sing the ABCs backwards. 

5. They have farmers markets on the weekends and they are nothing like the ones in provo where they only sell giant bows that you put in your hair. They actually have local produce and tie-die. You can get anything you want in tie- die here, ANYTHING.

6. Being a college town there are Oregon Ducks signs, posters, banners, everywhere. Matt wore a BYU shirt today... I hope the other kids are nice to him.
Annie Barker Oregon Ducks fan Annie Barker of Eugene, Oregon poses before the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game between the Ducks and the Auburn Tigers at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 10, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona.

I love it here. Its beautiful and everyone we meet is welcoming and friendly. I am slowly falling for Eugene's unique tie-die charm.