Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Friday, January 30, 2015


Summer 2014 you've been a beast and now I will quickly document some high lights

Matthew and I decided to till the earth and try our hands at gardening. Well, my hands. I've never gardened before, like ever. Unless you count a mini cactus that I thought was cool in the 5th grade or my aloe vera plant that I basically never watered yet somehow survived. However you look at it, my credentials are low. 

I've always had this little image in my mind of living in a cute English cottage style home, driving my bicycle everywhere, hugging trees, recycling and being self sufficient with a kick ass organic vegetable garden. After Matt explained to me the type of bugs that coexist in a vegetable garden, I was conflicted. 

After planting, I put my big girl panties on (gardening gloves) and told myself that if a spider got on the glove it was less life threatening. 

Turns out I love gardening and I'm happy to announce, I'm one step closer to being the hippie I've always dreamed of being. 

While our apartment was slowly being drowned in oversized zucchini, Matthew was studying. He quit both of his jobs to live, breath and even daydream Barbri. We managed to fit a trip down to Klamath Falls to scope out apartments and watched an hour of fireworks on the forth of July but that was basically all the "free-time" he had from June-August. Summer 2014, you'll be easy to beat.

Just kidding guys, I had a great time. I spent the days with my amazing friends and neighbors, playing with kids outside and reading. You know, being supportive. 

Oh and we did drag Matt and Brandon to the coast for one fun albeit quick trip to the coast. William peed standing up for the first time- I would later regret this. 

such a beautiful foggy day.

I was self conscious about posting this picture but Jody is my favorite in it. This is how I always remember her when I'm crying about not being neighbors anymore. 

Paul ate so much sand, it was impressive and disgusting. 

As soon as we got to the beach, William got his pants wet and refused to wear them for the rest of the day. He went waist in and was chattering blue with the biggest smile on his face by the time we left.

 In my happy place.

Pretending to be stuck.

Crawling like Jay.  These two were adorable. 

This summer also had the joy of potty training William.

This is a picture of what you think it is, a humbling mom moment. 

The boys and I decided to head up to Canada for a little vacay, "aka" let Matt sleep through the night in  peace and quiet for 2 weeks before the bar. 

I know that taking the Bar is hard and stressful and all but I think I deserve a metal for driving from Eugene to Victoria in one day with two children. At least one hour of the drive was spent listening to Paul crying and William screaming, "PAUL DON'T CRY. PAUL DONT CRY. PAUL STOP CRYING!" I couldn't even turn up the radio to cover it. 

My mom met me at the ferry and I abruptly threw my children at her so I could go pee and eat something. 

 We had been talking to William for weeks about the giant boat he would take to get to Nanny and Grandad's house. 

BC Ferrys did not disappoint. 

I was so happy to be home. Isn't going home great?! If I don't make it back to Canada at least once a year I get pretty depressed and start dreaming about Tim Hortins in my sleep. 

A public thanks to my Dad who played with William tirelessly the entire time. I was a mother of one the whole trip. William had a schedule of trampoline jumping, car and bike riding, pool swimming and hockey, soccer, frisbee, and  basketball playing.

You'd think he would have slept like a rock each night.

We decided William needed the true Canadian experience- Ice hockey and swiss chalet.

  These pictures melt my heart because I remember vividly Dad doing the same to me and almost felt my freezing cold toes in tightly laced skates. I could never tie them as tightly as he did.

 Will was overly confident on the floor and was walking around no problem.
 He knew the red support was lame and wanted out. Plus there were other kids without one.

 These pictures are fuzzy because my Dad can't use a smart phone, love ya Dad.
 Paul had to join in on the action

After a while of crying and complaining about not wanting to use the "red thing" Dad and I gave up
 William's over confidence quickly took another turn
 I know I look like a bad parent for taking so many photos of my child crying but I was laughing to hard to have strength to pick him up. So that makes it better.

 Even Paul started laughing at him
 We eventually helped him up and now that the value of the red stabilizer was agreed upon things when better

Until it was time to go. 

Taking two kids to church, with one still nursing, without Matt is hard. So hard, I only took Paul the second week.

His face.

On the way home Paul feel asleep so I drove to the lagoon and let him get a good nap in.
I needed that ocean air after sleeping for about 2 hours the night before. Why don't children sleep on vacations??!!


As previously stated William spent most of his time with Grandad and that meant I got a lot of one on  one snuggles with Paulliwog. We took a lot of selfies to celebrate. 

I love my sweet Paul.

Don't worry William was having fun too. He was next door playing Hockey with Tyson Berrie, defenseman for the colorado Avalanche. NBD. 

 Probably the proudest moment for my Dad, ever.

 We really did have a blast and things only got better when Matt arrived.

We went straight to Pagliacci's with Karli and Greame to celebrate. Sadly this was the only picture taken. Paul enjoyed his first trip to Paggs, too.

Face it, my home town is cooler than yours

This was such a great moment. Matt had NOTHING to do except have a fun (and stress over bar results for a few months).

Matt only had a short time in Victoria before we all had to turn around, pack up our apartment and move to Klamath. 

We left on the first ferry and drove one million hours before getting to Eugene. 

It was pretty windy that morning and Paul didn't quite know how to take it. 

Getting your picture taken by strangers is always a good choice. They pay special attention to detail, always. 

Please note William's face and how long my neck looks. 
Also, is that Paul or did I steal someone's baby for this picture?

Matt and William were inseparable the weeks after this. He's such a daddy's boy.