Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back in the Eugene Groove

The Vickery's are back in Eugene! Unpacked, organized and ready for Fall. I am not convinced that summer even happened- did it? I have little trace of a tan and can't remember if we relaxed at all... I do remember eating copious amounts of berries however...

This move we opted for a less of a hillbilly status and got a U-Box. It was SO nice not having to hall all of our things through the mountains in a trailer or continually look out the window to ensure our belongings hadn't come loose from a pick-up. 

Our place in Utah. 

Neatly organized U-Box. 

While I enjoyed our time in Utah and being close to family and friends, I missed our little Eugene. It just feels like home. 

Once we arrived we had about 4 days until crazy busy life started up again. Since these few days were really the only stress and deadline free days Matt experienced this summer we thought we would make the most of it. 

First on our list- the coast.

I. Love. The. Ocean!

It's always a little chilly but we seemed to pick a good day.

This was Wills first real time at the beach, where he was old enough to be excited about his surroundings.

He was.

I thought he would try to eat the sand but he didn't. He just kept picking it up and letting it fall out of his hand, then squealed with excitement.

The beach was a success.

Our next adventure was to hike to the top of Spencer Butte. It's only about a mile up and the path is pretty baby friendly. 

We still don't have a baby hiking backpack but this time the Bjorn worked great.

The summit was beautiful.

And totally worth me rolling my ankle three times. Those branches really jump out at you...

I carried Will like this the whole time. 

The highest point.

A Lion King moment.

And as per usual Eugene was blooming hot when we arrived (we don't have a/c). I'm just grateful this time around I'm not seven and a half months pregnant. Gross. 

Oh and because it's not physically possible to be in Eugene and not go to Voodoo Doughnuts and get a maple bacon bar... we did that too.

Do not judge unless you've tried it. SO GOOD!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Visit From London Town

Last Sunday we were getting ready for church and about to head out he door when Matt says, "We can't leave yet...... something is being delivered."  When I asked what would ever be delivered on a Sunday he gave me a sly smile and answered his phone.
First mistake- I'd know that voice anywhere. 
Second mistake- her husband then got on the phone, I knew that voice too.
It was confirmed.

"It's Erica, isn't it!!"  
"Tell me right now! Erica is in Utah and she's on her way HERE"
"We need to meet up with somebody, they're lost"
Giddy dance 

This was the second time Erica surprise attacked me, last time she jumped out of the bushes in a parking lot and scared the crap out of me. This time they ducked in a mysterious rented car... but I was on to them!

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice...... You can't fool me twice.

Getting lost during a reunion wasn't the first time either. After flying into London (Ontario) and expecting to see Erica to greet me, I was alone. After a very LONG time we determined she was in the wrong part of the airport. Another time she met me like this.

Safe to say that whenever we meet, it's memorable. 

Do you have a friend in your life where you seem to do the SAME things all the time. Like have the same job, marry guys with the same name and have your first baby within a month of one another ( to name a few.) If you don't, you're missing out.

This time was a little different- we're mothers... 

The boys loved the trampoline! 

William, meet Marcus. You're best friends because your mothers say so!

Marcus and William loved spending time with each other... even if there were a few battles of strength and wits.  

Dear Cochrane's, 
Please come back!