Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rice Cereal On The Road

We survived another road trip to Idaho. I didn't get a speeding ticket (because I just don't drive in Idaho) and William still enjoys the car (one full day in the car only please!) This time we were headed up for the Haws reunion. Here is a picture I stole off facebook to show you what type of stellar crowd  we were hanging out with.

Matt counted and got 140 people with still a few families missing. That's a lot of people, a lot of food and a lot of fun. 

Will loved playing with his cousins and watching all the commotion. BUT the main reason for this post is to show you what type of shenanigans he has been up to lately. 

William still cannot efficiently crawl but that doesn't mean he can't wiggle, squirm and reach (more than you thought was humanly possible) into anything. 

Exhibit A

I thought he was a little too quite while I brushed my teeth. 

It seems that this little boy has serious determination when grabbing things he is not supposed to be playing with. 

While on the drive home he started fussing in the back. We didn't think anything of it because it was almost lunch time and we were going to stop in the next 10 minutes, so we just kept driving. He kept it up which is unusual because he loves a good car ride.  When we got out of the car we saw why...

Someone had taken his rice cereal out of the bag next to him and shaken the crap out of it.

Guilty and he knows it!

It was everywhere and all over his NEW car seat! I'm assuming the crying was rice cereal to the eye.

It's a good thing he's cute

Monday, July 9, 2012


I love all things nature... just kidding. BUT I do enjoy a good hike. This past weekend we thought we better take advantage of our 100+ weather and mountains.

 We drove about 10 minutes from our place to Little Cotton Wood Canyon and started our journey. 

Please excuse my early morning no makeup nastyness :)

We learned a few important things about hiking with a baby.

 1.The baby bjorn is not a substitute for a baby hiking backpack
2. A tired and hungry baby does not enjoy hiking.
3. Bring baby mum-mums or die

Now we know. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day

 Making sugar cookies for Canada Day is kind of a tradition of ours.

Here is our first "real" date

Over the years drawing the maple leaf on the flag cookie got harder and harder to make, so we opted for a maple leaf cookie. 

So much easier!

But this year I wanted to expand from the cookie...

Hello to vanilla maple cupcakes

Canada Dry, pink lemonade and white chocolate covered strawberries.
The poutine was served a little later.

Now we just needed some friends to come and party

Megan and Dan (William on loan)

Joe, Kathi and baby Chase. Joe was our winner of Canadian trivia. Well done Joe!

Danielle, Michael and baby Bridger. Danielle was the true winner of our game but was disqualified because she is Canadian. 

Bald babies.



Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eight Months Old!

I know its cliche to say that babies grow up way to quickly but I start having heart palpitations when I realize that MY BABY is EIGHT MONTHS OLD. Say what?!! Where the heck have I been? because I'm pretty sure I still have a sweet little new born.

Maybe babies don't grow up too quickly, parents just get the hang of it too slowly? Or maybe lack of sleep starts hallucinations that warp time? Or maybe It's just me.

No matter what the reason... William is eight months older then I think he should be.

He opted out of pants for this photo shoot, he wanted more of a semi formal feel.

William in real life 

And as usual, here are some out-takes

very concerned if I was capturing his good side.

Showing off in super speed.

"Mom! You're done"

I have been really bad on the monthly updates lately so here are a few things that Sir William has been up to. 

Eating. He will eat pretty much anything as long as I add rice cereal to a pudding-like consistency. The first bite and the last are always a challenge. Sometimes I sing to him to get him to eat... poor boy, must be tone deaf already. Anyway one day I ran out of songs and starting singing Canada's national anthem. Oh Canada is my secret weapon, he will eat anything if I sing it. He still is very skeptical of bananas.

Moving. When I put William on his tummy he will spin around like a clock and push himself backwards a few feet. Forwards is hard but if there is an extremely interesting object he could squirm an inch or two. He has taken to this spinning like a clock and implemented it during bed time. He ends up horizontal 90% of the mornings. He loves to stand on the floor and hold on to furniture. He has stood on his own for about 2 seconds.

Socializing. William could care less if his Mommy is holding him. He is quite interested to see who else is around and can swoon over his cuteness. His favorite audience- other babies. It doesn't matter if it's nap time or meal time he just wants to play with other kids! He can hold his own in a game of tug-of-war for a highly desirable toy but is still happy to share. William is very independent!!

Making noise. Wether he is happy or sad he is making noise. All. The. Time. Babbling is starting to sound like fragments of words. His vocabulary includes Hi, Hey, Yeah, Da-da and my favorite, Hi Dad. Just to be clear things up, Dad is not quite assigned to Matthew. Dad is a window, a toy, food... Dad is versatile.  William has also developed this sound which is a hybrid between a growl and a hiss. Super awkward in public. Was that a gremlin? Nope just my son making the creepiest sound ever, no big deal. When he's not making his hiss/growl he enjoys the echo of a cup.

Grabbing. Man this boy can grab just about anything with more speed and precision then I expect. He has eaten a receipt and a leaf without my knowledge..... oops.  He only eats the very best of organic food.... oh yeah and the occasional receipt. He also grabbed his first sugar fix. WHAT?!  Disclaimer, I grew up in a home without sugar. We weren't deprived of a childhood or anything psychotic but I was always the kid trying to trade carrot sticks for a snack pack. Anyway, everyone has there own ideas about feeding sugar to their children and my stance is probably 3 notches down from NEVER!!!
Well, while staying in the hotel and eating their breakfast, we realized that William enjoyed playing with less conventional toys. Things like; cups, spoons, jam packages and maple syrup packages. No harm done and a quiet happy baby while we ate breakfast.  Instead of stealing packages of things each day I just took a few and kept them in the diaper bag. This last weekend we went up to Idaho for a Vickery family reunion. William was playing with his toys as we ate. He soon became fixated on one particular packet-maple syrup. Turns out he had opened it and was sucking out the sugar!! He was a little crazed for the next few hours and crashed for a good nap. No more packages!