Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Will-Ham at 18 months

William is 18 months old and we held a photo shoot.

In order to get William to look at the camera, he needs to see his reflection. In order for him to sit still and not destroy the computer, he needs to be in my lap. So that's why I got involved. 

It always takes a little while for him to warm up to the idea. 

But then he just can't help himself

and he turns up "The Ham"

Here are Ham's stats:

Height- 33" 75th Percentile
Weight- 24 lbs 10.5 oz (feels like 40lbs)  30th Percentile 
Head- 18.25" 20% Percentile

Now that Will's 18 months old, he's decided he is no longer a baby. I CANNOT believe the things he retains! He has become a parrot and repeats everything we say. He will point to pictures in books and proudly declare, "Air plane" or whatever he sees. He isn't satisfied unless you say, "Yes William, that is an airplane." and will continue to repeat "air plane, air plane, air plane" until you do.

He thinks he's one of the big kids and will run around "playing" soccer with them. In his mind he's MVP.
He is cautious with climbing (blessing and a curse) and has yet to understand gravity. He will crawl up stairs but refuses to crawl backwards down them.
When he wants something he will ask for it over and over and over again. "snack snack snack snack snack.... please please please please"
When he wants your attention he usually gets it like this, "Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi" followed by "The Ham Grin." It's impossible to ignore.
Whenever we have visitors he likes to show off. He will dance, clap, spin, jump and bring you all his toys. If your talking to us instead of him you will soon hear, "Hi hi hi hi hi."

Here's something I've realized: being a parent to a toddler has some serious humbling moments...

Moments where you look at yourself and say

"This is my life now"

The washroom is a magical and mysterious place to an 18 month old

and my rain boots are the perfect hiding place for just about anything, that will fit. 

Sometimes I say things like this:

"William don't drink the puddle"
"NO we don't eat gum that we find on the playground"
"Stop licking a stick and dipping it sand"
"Mommy needs to go to the washroom by herself"
"That's not our car"
"We don't eat chapstick!"
"We don't walk into other peoples homes"
"I don't need your help changing your diaper"
"Stay where Mom can see you"
"We need to SHARE"
"Where did you put my ____?"

Some of my favorite parts of William's personality sometimes make it hard to be his mother.  For example, fiercely independent + zero understanding of gravity can be nerve racking. But, I admire his adventuresome spirit!

I feel so lucky to be William's mother. I am having so much fun exploring the world with him and sharing in his excitement as he learns new things.