Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Conceited in the city

William, what is your favorite toy?

I'm glad you asked! It always changes but right now I'm really into things that crinkle... I love that sound. Not those baby "toys" that make the sound, more like garbage rappers or jam packages at restaurants. Our hotel key is pretty awesome too. I can chew on that for hours, I mean wouldn't you? Oh and also my hair brush, that thing cracks me up. But if I had to choose I would say that a mirror trumps them all.  I like to kiss myself and just check my self out. I am a pretty awesome specimen of a baby so I like to show off to myself and check out my skills to impress the ladies later. You should try it.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Gah!  I certainly fell off the blogging train. It feels like forever since I last blogged BUT I am happy to say that I am back and life has some what settled down.
Here's what we have been up to the last month...
Matt FINISHED his first year of law school. Hallelujah! I cannot believe how quickly that went and just how much Matt gave to complete it. He has held up his status as Clark Kent and somehow managed his time so that William and I never felt neglected.

While Clark was studying and taking his finals, William and I decided to go on a little Canadian vaca and let dad sleep. My parents came to pick us up and we headed for Victoria.

Safe to say that William's inner Canadian had a blast. We LOVE Victoria! Wouldn't you.

William quickly fit into the Westbrook routine

Eating "hot chips" and watching Hockey with Grandad

Reading the afternoon away with Nanny

And even the morning hike around Thetis Lake.

Lets face it, he ate up the attention from his grandparents. I think he had a little separation anxiety when we left. 

We also enjoyed all our visitors!

Jim and Heather Voss with their daughter Tara and grandson, Hunter.

Please excuse the orange spit up and drool ring around William's shirt.... he had just finished trying carrots for the first time. He didn't like them very much. 

Hunter was such a sweetie! We were so happy they came over from Vancouver to visit.

I didn't get pictures of everyone who we visited and especially feel like a doufas for missing photo shoots with the Yzenbrandt's and the Franklins.... but here are a few I did remember to take. 

Karli and her niece Elysabeth. Elysabeth was so sweet with William, you could tell she is an amazing big sister.

We went for a walk around the playground.

William's first slide ride.

We also made the trip out to the Arnott farm to see Meghan and her cute little family.
You know I love you when I'm willing to travel to a farm...

William loved flirting with Emma and Eliza. 

This trip was also time for William to start trying more exciting things to eat.




So far William has tried apples, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, peas and plums. Bananas make him shake all over and let out a sour face. Peas just make him cry. 

During our time away from Clark, William sure missed his dad. He would spend ALL day babbling, "ah da ah da da da daaad" He even started waking up in the middle of the night. (NOT COOL!) Once dad was home however, everything was back to normal and even the weather got better.

William all snug in his stroller... He is getting used to this whole hat idea.

It was a lovely trip back home. We are counting down for our next Victorian adventure!

It was a quick turn around once we arrived back home to Eugene. The next day we packed up our things and started for Salt Lake City. Clark has an internship this summer right down town.  I have never lived in a city core before but it's already pretty fun. Tonight we went for a walk and I discovered I am within WALKING distance to Nordstroms and Temple Square. YES. The company has provided living arrangements for us and for the first month we are living in a hotel. The room is pretty awesome (although not my ideal colour scheme)  Every morning we go down to the lobby for a warm breakfast and housekeeping cleans up.... I could so get used to this. 

This evenings stroll

It's been fun being around family and watching William interact with his cousins. William LOVES kids. 

bedtime stories 

Will's blocks made one awesome tower! 

Just checking each other out. 

During all this transition William has been great. I think he reached his breaking point this weekend however. A few meltdowns later I have decided to keep it low key with him for a few days.  He is in a really fun/challenging stage. With his increased mobility and longer wake times it's a blast to watch him explore the world around him but I think he has started the dreaded teething process and become a little "high maintenance" shall we say. He has also become possessive of toys, like I-will-cry-my-face-off-if-you-don't-give-that-back-RIGHT-now possessive. Any tips on this stage would be helpful. So far distraction is the best tool... most of the time. 

Life is pretty crazy but I wouldn't change a thing.... okay maybe I'd change the green casino carpet of our hotel room but thats it.