Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Friday, April 19, 2013

My first 5K

It's been an on-again-off-again relationship for years. Mostly off and mostly because I hated it. Then we moved to Eugene (track town USA) where everyone runs, including my close friends. Then the summer Olympics happened and I watched the ladies run/couldn't stop staring at their incredible abs. 
It was then that I decided It was "on again." 

Well it's been months and my abs are no where near Allyson Felix's beautiful display but I realized that running is only fun when you stick with it and make goals along the way. 

Matt and I have signed up for a half marathon in Yakima May 18th and I couldn't be more excited.

So when I was asked if I wanted to run a 5K with some amazing ladies and get color bombed I said YES!

Well, actually at first I said maybe and then I said yes. 

I was helping plan the fabulous Jody Johnson's baby shower right after the race and was a little worried I'd still be multi colored for the social event of the season. I read up on how to get myself decolor bombed and came across one helpful little tip to put oil in your hair... this is why I look like a grease ball in these pictures. Sexy, I know. 

We, or maybe just I, was so excited to get a picture of us all jumping in the air after the finish line. 
Didn't it work out great?!

My early morning running buddy. Love this girl!

The race was a blast! BUT I have decided that I'm leaving the color bombing to non running occasions and heres why. 

Please note my tie-die arms. Color bombs+ sweat= embarrassing. And if you're really cool and sweat a lot on your upper lip while running like me, you get an awesome lip liner affect. 

Easter Weekend.

Easter was really close to my Birthday this year. It was also the nicest weather we've had in a long time. I refused to slave away in the kitchen while the sun was shining so we held an easter feast the following week.

Can you blame me?

William started teething over Easter weekend...  

Don't worry, I told him to stop that... after I finished filming him...

Our egg hunt happened earlier in the week. 

 I forgot his Easter basket like the great mother I am.

William kept seeing eggs and saying, "A ball! A ball! It's a ball!" Once he realized that you could open the "ball" and candy was inside he was a little overwhelmed. 

 Changing his strategy and "finding" the eggs Evelyn has already securely placed inside her basket. 
On Easter Saturday we had an egg hunt of our own.

Matt got The American Tail and Fievel Goes West for himself  William. 

Please excuse the stroller in our living room. I can't remember why it was there but It was totally on purpose. 

I tried to keep most of his basket sugar free but figured a few eggs would be fine. 

We had to teach William that you actually take off the foil before you bite. 

A Rant.

Easter is the one holiday where I always wish I was in Canada.
Was mine the only Canadian family who hid these little foil eggs instead of the plastic ones? Here everyone does the plastic ones with candy inside. I have nothing against the larger plastic eggs but in Canada we do chocolate. We do chocolate well. Sure there are delicious chocolate eggs here too but they cost way more. In Canada, even cheep chocolate is delicious. This year I came across these.

Labeled "extra creamy" but I was still skeptical... given my strong dislike for Hershey's.... so I bought a bag before Easter. I'd eat a few and if they were gross I would be disappointed but less disappointed than if I had found out on Easter itself. We ate the whole bag and I got another, for Easter. They were good. Not Cadbury but Hershey's good. I looked on the back and they were made in Canada. 
For the record: Yes, Cadbury can be purchased in the great U.S.A BUT on the back it says Hershey's U.S.A. In other words Cadbury has fooled one to many americans but they're not fooling me. Shame on you Cadbury!! And please, next Easter will someone PLEASE send me Cadbury mini eggs FROM CANADA!! 

After thinking about this rant it reminded me about the time my Dad took me to McDonalds. He asked for a Coke and when the person gave it to him my Dad took a sip and said, "That's Pepsi"
After a heated (on my Dad's end) argument discussion the worker opened up the machine and the bags had in fact been switched. He gave my Dad a Coke and we left. 

In summary

David Westbrook 1        Mc Donalds    0

Cadbury U.S.A    Fail 

27... are you sure?

Also lost in my non blogging mode was my BIRTHDAY.

I really enjoy the fact that Matt's Spring Break falls on my birthday. It's about time the world recognized my birthday week as a legitimate holiday!

Matt was a major sweetie and got me a GPS running watch. It's basically my favorite possession I own. Even though he went running and broke all my personal records, I know the watch loves me more. 

We spent the day shopping in Portland, eating amazing food and enjoying the sun. 

For William the day will be remembered as the day that he discovered A CAR WITH TWO WHEELS!