Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday- 2009

Dear Blog,
Please forgive my absence.  

Today, while eating my lunch and looking on Facebook, I came across a gem from 2009. So it has inspired a "Throwback Thursday" if you will. 
Because It's March (my birthday month) and everything is about me, I thought it was suitable.

Yes, I am turning 27, which is practically middle age. I take Glucosamine HCL 1500mg with MSM 1500mg everyday for my joints and when people ask me how old I am, I have to think really hard to answer corectly. Which can only mean on thing- I'm old. 

When I thought I was young (apparently 2009 or 4 years ago) I wrote this in response to being tagged in a "25 random things" facebook phenomena that was "so 2009"

1. I don’t read the instructions to electronics. I decided if I'm not smart enough to figure it out, I don’t deserve to know. I ask myself daily why I own a blackberry.

2. I narrate my life in my head, much like the TV show, “Wonder Years” 

3. I always speed.

4. I diagnosed myself with a deviated septum because my right nostril is 
usually plugged and curved inwards. I am scared to do anything about it because I don’t want people to think I got a nose job. 

5. I will always laugh at my own jokes.

6. I live life for the experiences and the people I meet. 

7. I will often mix two words, or more, together while telling a story because I am too excited or impatient to allow the proper amount of thinking time. 

8. I love to laugh and I'm quick to do so but if you make me think, I will love you forever.

9. I love sayings that don’t make sense and try to figure out how they must have started.

10. I once had fake nails. I had an identity crises and painfully ripped them off within a week.

11. I truly believe it’s all in the delivery. 

12. I make up slogans for each year and try to live my life by them: “Make it happen 06” “No boundaries 07” “Oh nothing 08” “No holds barred 09”

13. I try to make phrases main stream vocabulary. 

14. When I don’t know the answer I often give unrelated phrases as my reply, “It’s hard to say” or “Six of one half dozen of the other” and leave it at that. 

15. I listen to music during all daily activities, spend too much time/money on itunes and have blown 3 sets of speakers.

16. I was a tom boy until grade 7 and then realized how much fun life is as a girl.

17. Whenever I see a commercial for orange juice I HAVE to drink some! They just make it look so good. 

18. One of my hidden fears was getting trapped in a revolving door and not being able to control the speed of which I was walking. This happened to me in November…now I don’t think I will ever view a revolving door as a safe way to enter or exit a building. Who even thinks of something like that anyway?! 

19. My car has two temperatures: Boiling hot and air conditioning. 

20. A life dream I had was to become a potter. I recently enrolled in a class and have found it to be quite stressful rather than a relaxation activity. I classify myself as an urban hippy, regardless. 

21. I hate technicalities. 

22. Before I am anywhere near my car I have to have the keys in my hand. I always think someone is going to attack me while I struggle in my suitcase of a purse to find my keys. 

23. My mother made up a song for my sister and I to help us learn to spell our last name. Sometimes I refer back to the song. 

24. My sister used to dress the neighborhood children in wedding appropriate attire, perform ceremonies and take pictures. I’m not sure but I think I’m still married to David. It was all a scam to make Giorgio jealous (we were fighting at the time.)   

25. I am severely addicted to lip chap and will ALWAYS have a medicated blistex on hand, otherwise I am in severe panic. 

I know what your thinking, "Wow I can feel the youth in those words"  and "What's it like being so old now?" 

Oh 2009, those were the days...

2009- The year of the hood.

     This picture was taken just weeks before my neck surgery. 
This was also the year Sylvia convinced me to embrace high-heels on my giant self.  

Do you remember when 3D movies were a cool novelty? Like so cool that you took pictures of yourself wearing the glasses and displaying "3D" with your hands? Yeah, that was 2009. 

There was something else that was pretty awesome about 2009. You see once I stopped taking embarrassing crocked-necked photo's and started wearing heels...

 I met this brace-faced-cutie and he took me to a 3D movie on our first date.