Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Matthew. Emma. William. Paul

Thursday, December 29, 2011

To Twilight or not to Twilight

I know what you're thinking- Twilight is pathetic. And I want to agree with you, really I do! But the truth is... I have read all the books and watched all the movies...  So when this last one came out I wanted to see it too.

Obviously it was the perfect movie to watch as Williams first theatre experience... right? We went to an early matinée weeks after it came out so we would not upset anyone who belonged to "team Jacob" or " team Edward."

My plan- William was to sleep the whole time.  Matt's plan - To let me watch the whole movie. We placed Will on the empty chair next to us and watched the previews. It wasn't long until he let out a little squeak and Matt took him to the hall. Matt stayed standing up the entire movie watching from the hall (not wanting to jinx it ) and William slept.

This was my favorite clip from the movie:

Once again I left wondering how Kristen Stewart does it. What an amazing actress ............ Then I found this video that explains her secrets.

2 Months older and chubbier too.

Two months ago at 8 am, I woke up with contractions. This morning at 8 I woke up to feed William and start our day. It's still crazy to me that I have a son but we are now syncing into a nice little routine.

He still spends a great deal of the day sleeping.

and eating

But he is now spending more and more time awake. Here is what he has been up to besides steeling our hearts with overwhelming cuteness (I'm bias I know)

"Under the sea" is still the coolest but he is getting much more vocal about it.

Tummy time is getting easier and therefore cooler too.

He has taken a liking to his Bumbo, although I think he might still be a little too small for it.

"little naked" In his chair

His hand is the most sought after snack between meals

Bath time is always a blast with dad

Before bath time Will is always up for a game of superman 

Yesterday was his 2 month check up and vaccinations :(

Nothing really prepares you for the moment when a nurse jabs your little baby in the leg three times with a needle that I swear could have gone right through his leg. He fell right asleep in the Dr's office afterwards.. thanks to Tylenol but it was a rough afternoon.

 Its hard to see the band-aids but it happened

Here are his stats for 2 months:

Height: 23.5 inches- 70% percentile 
Weight: 11 pounds 4.5 ounces- 50% percentile
Head: 15 1/8th- 20% percentile

A Christmas for Three

Our first Christmas as three was spent together in Eugene. Despite being without our extended family I think we had the best Christmas we could as a little family.
The lead up to Christmas is just as fun as Christmas morning for me and this season we kept up with some fun family traditions.

Advent Calenders!
I am sure many of your homes were accompanied by these little miracles in December. I am still looking for a chocolate 12 month calendar.... 
When I was really young I remember having to SHARE one of these with my sister. Mom was always trying to limit our sugar intake. Once I was a little older we each got one. Never have I been so excited to eat pour quality chocolate then when I get to open these. 

Last year matt and I surprised each other and put out our stockings in the middle of the night while the other was sleeping. Since the middle of the night has taken on a new meaning with a new born we decided to put the stockings out earlier in the night.

William has been getting up at 8 for the last few weeks and we assumed this would be the same for christmas.... Wrong! 5:15 surprise. It seems he caught a bit of the Christmas spirit and wanted to see what Saint Nick brought him. When I got up to feed him we decided that after Will had breakfast we might as well do the same. So at 6 30 we sat down to our Christmas breakfast of bacon and french toast. Too early to have bacon?

Lemon French Toast with Bacon.

Not on Christmas :)

This was just the beginning of our gluttony... I don't think we have stopped eating since. 

We got dressed and ready for church.

And then came home to eat some more.

Christmas day has always been the day to marvel over presents that Santa brought but it has been a long time since santa brought toys to play with. This year Santa brought "me" a special power cord to take me back to a simpler time.

Nintendo! and let me tell you there is a lot less fighting over mushrooms and levels when you play with your husband and not your sister :) I basically suck at the new video games but this has come right back to me- down to all the little secret passages and tricks. Good idea Santa.

That evening we had a feast. Prime rib roast and yorkshire pudding. It was my first time cooking both but I'd say our english feast turned out pretty good. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Smile- Pass it on

Props to the photographers of "Natural Geographic"who capture crazy things like this

Because I have been trying to photograph William smiling for weeks! Here are some of my attempts...

Photography is hard.

The Road To Portland

Alright I know it's cliche for a girl to say she loves shopping but, I LOVE SHOPPING. I can't help it. I have tried not to love it so much but It has been a life long love affair. When I was younger I would spend hours looking at my self in the 3 way mirror. My mother could comfortably shop without worry, she knew exactly where I was and would peel me away when we left. I'm sure I looked pretty funny watching 1 million "little Me's" do as I told them.
Not me, obviously...

Now I have out grown the wonder of such a mirror but the love for the mall has remained. With Christmas fast approaching and my desire to explore the world outside our home increasing, Matthew and I decided to travel to Portland with William. It would be his first adventure further then his usual 30 min ratios from our home.

Everything we choose to expose William to is his perception of the world and I couldn't wait to show him there are much better places then Costco and Target... although still dear to my heart.

Its about a 2 hour drive to Portland which accommodates his nap schedule and he complied perfectly.

When we arrived I nursed William in the car. This was possibly the most eventful part of the trip, or rather when Matt changed his diaper on the passenger seat. Just a heads up... Civics are not really built to accommodate your diapering needs.  Some how Matt managed to change him without getting poop on the seat.... I cannot say the same for his hand. 

On the way back from the mall we took a wrong turn and realized we were really close to the Portland temple.

So we drove by to take a closer look.

Yes, it's safe to say that I fell in love with the city and its beautiful surroundings. I hope to return again soon and do some more shopping. 

Friday, December 16, 2011


This video came up on my Facebook feed today. I don't think it was by accident. 

Just wanted to thank my dear mother for all the HARD work she put into raising my sister and I. Dad too, he did much more then change our diapers! And thanks to all the mothers out there that have helped answer my millions of questions. Hope this video put a smile on your face as it did mine... maybe a few tears too but I don't need to mention that....

Love you Mom!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Going Green- A Rant

No longer just a coloUr, "Green" has branded environmentalism. 

Similar to the colour pink which has taken over the world in fighting breast cancer. Breast Cancer is a very important cause that I am not trying to poke fun of, but I believe there are other types of cancer too....? I am no longer sure. 

Anyway, I consider myself to be moderately "green."  I recycle, use energy efficient light bulbs, never buy styrofoam, carry around a re-usable water bottle EVERYWHERE I go, never litter... I have even been known to hug a tree or two. I don't think you can truly say you are from Victoria if you haven't...

And secretly I want this shirt.

So when I see people using a bike to get around instead of a giant SUV or truck I think, way to go! BUT when a bike pretends it is a car/pedestrian it drives me insane. 

That's right SHARE. So when you are on a bike and decide to use the middle of the lane which is designed for a motorized vehicle remember, a car is and always will be a car!  No matter the size it CAN run you over and kill you. 

Also, these signals are designed for you- USE THEM

 So to all the cyclists in Eugene... Thank you for "going green" and helping out the environment but remember you are not a car so move over and you are not a pedestrian so you don't have the right-of-way. 

Thank you.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

He eats, he sleeps, he poops.... and it's amazing.

Now that my days are filled with 3 hour intervals of very similar events:
Diaper changing
Tummy time
"Under the sea" 
It's hard for me to remember what day/night/very early morning... Things happened. BUT in the last few weeks I can recall some events.

William has his first cold. BOO! The pediatrician scared me silly at his 2 week check up about what might happen if he were to catch a cold. As a result, I have been an over protective mother and kept him inside... except for the occasional grocery outing and christmas shopping. But when the school your husband attends is infested with the common cold it is perhaps inevitable the bug would enter our home. Thankfully it is just a virus and the Dr. isn't worried about it- assuming it gets better soon.

Many of you may underestimate the ability you have to blow nose. It might as well be a miracle, because without this trained skill you would encounter these.

A basically medieval method of excavating your nasal cavity. First I drop saline into his tinny little nose and let it sit while I prepare a "medical turkey baster" to suck out anything inside. Naturally Will HATES it! but I do it, to help him breath. Poor little guy. 

I never realized how many things babies have/use/need. Our tiny apartment has been over taken by William's belongings. 

"Under the sea"

Day bed and swing
Sometimes he likes to "rock" it out and sometimes he doesn't want anything to do with it. Depending on his mood, we have the chair to accommodate... just taking up space by the Christmas tree. 

As you can see none of his stuff really crosses over for us to use ... Except of course, the boppy. Matthew has taken a liking to the boppy and has found it is quite essential in many daily activities. 

While these pictures may or may not have been staged... they are taken from real life moments.

Sometimes Matt shares his beloved boppy with William.

And sometimes we even use it for the reason it was invented.

William's nightly bottle with dad.... He was a little shocked at first but went with it.
 Bottle or not, it leaves him in a state of bliss and a food coma

I promise we usually support his head.

Don't let that face fool you. He has also developed the talent of spitting up. He is affectionally refereed to as a jack-in-the-box at this point. Although instead of a creepy clown poping out.... 

Good thing I was wearing Matt's shirt!

It's also quite helpful that he now enjoys a good bath.

And I love the smell of a clean baby afterwards.

Yes he is getting a little chubbier. In fact at his last apt (5 wks) he was 10 pounds 1 ounce and 24 inches long. That is the same weight I was at birth. Don't know how you did it mom!

In short William eats, sleeps, poops.... and cries.

 and we are having a blast.

So happy we are now a little family of three!